Our mission is to provide solutions that allow productive, efficient and proactive methods of construction that will reduce project costs and lead times.


We design, manufacture and install innovative offsite constructed residential and commercial builds. 

Our modular insulated roof and timber frame wall systems are more energy efficient, cost effective and faster to assemble than traditional construction  methods and we are able to offer a 25 year guarantee for all our building products.   

We offer full turnkey solutions – managing bespoke projects from idea conception through to handing our clients the keys to their new property. 

All of our solutions are made to our client’s bespoke specification offsite in our advanced manufacturing facilities in Hayle, Cornwall. 


Our inspiration  

We only see solutions not problems and our aim is to be successful in helping clients to achieve their goals on time and in budget. 

Our team has over 30 years experience in the construction industry so have encountered many of the frustrations and limitations of traditional construction techniques both as labourers and project managers. 

We’ve channeled this knowledge into designing off-site solutions which improve build quality, whilst significantly reducing; inefficiencies, time on site and project costs. 


Our approach to construction

We know that making onsite adjustments delays projects and incurs additional costs, so we take the innovative approach to dry build each property inside our manufacturing facilities. We invite our clients to view the dry build process and walk around their property at our offsite facility; as part of our open-door approach. This allows for minor adjustments and client approval to ensure smooth onsite installation. 

We operate strict quality control procedures whereby each component is assigned a unique ID and is individually quality approved before leaving our facility, in line with our right first-time policy. Our team is comprised of experienced and proficient tradespersons. We don’t make assumptions. We measure twice and cut once. 


Our way of working  

We listen carefully to the needs and requirements of our clients in order to develop bespoke solutions to meet their specification – from one-off builds to multi-unit sites. 

We relish a challenge and our can-do approach means that we are confident in our ability to meet the specification of your project, however ambitious it may be. 

We stand or fall on our reputation with our clients, past and present. We always seek to delight our customers through delivering excellent solutions that stand the test of time. 


Our investment in innovation 

We are here to rock the boat, to disrupt the construction market through our solutions and to deliver better quality and value for our clients and their customers. 

Whilst we are proud of our innovative products and solutions, we are committed to continuous improvement and know that the best is yet to come. 

We’re working in partnership with leading environmental and sustainability experts at Plymouth and Exeter Universities; exploring ideas for a brighter, greener future. 


Our environmental responsibilities 

As designers and manufacturers, we recognise our responsibility to create and deliver solutions with minimal environmental impact. 

We intentionally sought a suitable manufacturing site which is why we chose  Hayle Renewable Business Park.  Our advanced manufacturing facilities are EPC A+ rated with part solar-generated power and we benefit from being able to control the environment in which we manufacture and build our products. 

We are always striving to improve the sustainability of each part of our processes and supply chain – using the lowest available VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) materials, minimising  waste, and increasing our use of recycled materials. 

Where possible, we source natural products and constantly research using more environmentally friendly products to ensure we are doing everything we possibly can to meet our responsibilities as a company.  We are lean on waste and always ensure that materials for each project are calculated accurately.  We also use leftover materials to produce prototypes and samples. 


Our commitment to local community

We believe in British manufactured products and in bringing gainful employment to local people in our beautiful county of Cornwall.