Our innovative TimberSec systems are more energy efficient, cost effective and faster to assemble than traditional roofing systems, and are guaranteed for 25 years. Perfect for commercial and residential build projects.


All of our products are made to your bespoke specification offsite in our advanced manufacturing facilities in Hayle, Cornwall.


Our Offsite Pitched Roofing systems are a factory constructed roof system which is designed to increase the construction speed and energy efficiency of any residential pitched roof. The roof arrives to site fitted with trusses, insulation and tile design roof covering – all constructed at our advanced manufacturing facilities in Hayle.


50% lighter, 4% increased efficiency, and a 25 year guarantee. This is why our SolCast Power Roofs are the pioneering this residential and commercial solar PV solution.


We have taken the concept of offsite construction and combined it with biophilic design; allowing developers to use natural materials in their buildings whilst saving time and money in the construction.


Single Ply Roofing is an increasingly popular roofing system in contemporary architecture due to its versatility. Our Offsite Single Ply system offers increased energy efficiency and durability over traditional single ply solutions and are available in a variety of finishes.